Checks & Balances

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Checks&Balances is the magazine of Study Association Clio and is published three times per academic year. The magazine focuses on a variety of topics, including politics, security, human rights, economics and finance, environment, technology and others covered from an international perspective. Each issue includes in-depth articles and interesting interviews, discussing the way elements of international relations are applied in a modern day world. Previous interviews include some prominent people such as Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Alexander Pechtold, Ben Bot and Hisashi Owada.

The website contributes to this goal by providing a quicker medium alongside the magazine's slower journalistic style. New website posts and articles appear weekly. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. 

Contributing to the Checks&Balances Magazine can be done in various ways which initially only requires a passion for international relations, learning the tools of the trade along the way. So do you want to excel, differentiate and transcend your academic career? Do you want to get your foot in the door of politicians, professors and CEOs? Make sure you apply for a position in the Editorial Staff at the start of this academic year!

Editorial Staff positions: Editor-in-Chief, Secretary, Treasurer/Lay-out Editor, Lay-out Editor (2x), Reporter (2x), PR (2x), Board Representative

Reporter: You are the person who, for example, goes out for having interviews.

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