Who is going to make your Clio year full of partying, fun, partying, meeting people and more partying? The Event Committee!

Our first event will be in November. We will organise the legendary Active Members’ Weekend. A weekend with active members of all committees full of partying, socialising and more. This is the weekend which will be remembered for weeks, months, even years. We’ll arrange the music, food, drinks, activities, entertainment and all the other things a Clio member could wish for.

The next main thing we will take care of are the legendary Clio parties throughout the year: the Travel Announcement Party, the Conference Announcement Party, the Board Announcement Party and the Yearbook Announcement Party that closes the academic year. The Event Committee will be in charge of themes and PR, making sure they will be unforgettable nights.

But there is more! Since we are the Event Committee, we are also responsible for various day activities. Do you want to go play paintball, go ice skating or do a pub quiz with all Clio members? The Event Committee can make it all happen!

Last but not least, the Event committee organises a big cultural event that can be anything from a museum visit in Amsterdam, to a poetry slam evening.

Do you think you contribute to the Event Committee, so this will be an amazing Clio year? Apply for the Event Committee!

Event Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Manager (3x), PR, Board Representative. 

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