Positions in the Board

Being in the Board of Study Association Clio means that you represent over a thousand students of IRIO, from first-years to master students. Over the past thirty years, Clio has developed into one of the largest and definitely one of the most professional associations of Groningen. Furthermore, Clio is the largest association at a Faculty of Arts in the Netherlands. A board year is very diverse and allows you to develop yourself in many different professional and social aspects. If you think this might be something for you, do not hesitate to contact info@clio.nl or any of our previous/current board members!

The Board of Study Association Clio rotates annually in May, and consists of the following positions:

  • The Chair leads the Board, writes the General Policy and maintains contact with external parties within the university. The Chair is furthermore the Board Representative in the Career Committee, Forum Committee, Masters Committee and Lustrum Committee.

  • The Secretary is responsible for managing and updating the membership database, general administration, the Clio Office and incoming and outgoing mail and emails. The Secretary is also the Board Representative in the Excursion Committee, the Academic Committee and the ClioWelcome Committee.

  • The Treasurer administrates the budget and oversees the revenue and spending of the association. The Treasurer also functions as the Board Representative in the Event Committee, the Travel Committee and the Support Committee.

  • The Commissioner Publications & PR updates and manages the website and is in charge of all the PR methods and the PR campaigns. The Commissioner Publications & PR is the Board Representative in the Yearbook Committee, the magazine Checks&Balances and the Photo Committee. 
  • The Commissioner Corporate Relations is tasked with acquiring sponsors for the association and keeping in contact with all external contacts, businesses and corporations. The Commissioner Corporate Relations is furthermore the Board Representative in the Conference Committee, the International Research by Students Programme (IRSP) and the Sports Committee.

The Board of 2023-2024

Chairwoman: Lune Gros

Secretary: Jana Novakova

Treasurer: Lars Roos

Commissioner Publications & PR: Judith de Bruijn

Commissioner Corporate Relations: Wyona van de Poel

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Board Experiences

Bart Beltman was Chairman of the Clio Board in 1999-2000. Having served as diplomat in Kabul, Uruzgan and Kuala Lumpur, he is currently working as Senior Policy Officer at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Helping Clio to make the transition into the new millennium has been a great experience. Being appointed as Chairman of the Board felt like a big step at that time. A challenging one as well. I asked myself: can I live up to the expectations, not the least my own? Will I be able to cope with the responsibilities involved? Thanks to the energising effect of working together with a great team of fellow Board members and all those enthusiasts within the committees, these questions faded away.

Not surprisingly, a single year within the Clio Board brought me some friendships as well, some of which have lasted ever since.

Professionally, you may be surprised by the extent a single Board year allows you to discover and develop key competencies. In an even more professional Clio setting than at the start of this millennium, these competencies include: working together as a team and assuming your own responsibilities, setting priorities, facing management challenges, networking and representing ‘your’ Clio. Having discovered and developed such competencies within the Board for the first time, all have proven to be a valuable foundation to build upon until today. Bottom line: by serving and enjoying a year within the Clio Board your personal investment will prove to be worth both socially and professionally every minute and euro you will spend on it."

Toon van der Veer was in the Clio Board in 2003-2004 and is currently working as Regional Director Asia for ABI International at Anheuser-Busch InBev. 

"Running Clio with four other great people was an amazing experience. Not only do you forge friendships that will last forever, you also build up very relevant experience before you start applying for roles. Organisation, strategy, motivation and running a P&L are key competencies to test yourself on as early as possible. It has helped me to understand what I wanted to do after my years in Groningen and allowed all of us to bring relevant experiences to the table to future employers. Finally, during your time with Clio you’ll work very closely with many different people allowing you to connect, build strong networks and enduring bonds. Talking from experience: a Clio is year is not only fun, it’s an investment in your own future!" 

Jorg Henneman was in the Clio Board 2004-2005. Nowadays, Henneman works as Corporate Development Manager at Element Materials Technology in Berlin, Germany. Before this, he was employed as a strategy consultant at Boer & Croon.

"Making choices recurs throughout your entire life. Choices with short-term consequences and choices with an eye to the future. The choice to commit yourself to Clio for a year means that you learn how to create and write policy, how to communicate, how to cooperate and earn the trust of your fellow students, and how to execute your ambitions. Additionally, you will perfectly learn how to celebrate your successes. My board year at Clio has brought me many things both socially and professionally. It shaped me for the job market and it has given me lasting friendships. In short, doing a board year (in which you are able to follow some courses) is an excellent way to develop your capacities in an early stage and to have an amazing year at the same time.

My Board year at Clio has given me a jump-start at the job market. During application interviews you will always be able to fall back on gained experiences, which is something future employers attach great value to. 

It is a major advantage that you are able to strengthen and illustrate your personal capabilities with relevant examples. I personally ensure you that this will positively influence the selection processes and facilitates the future employer’s choice. They will pick you!"

Martine van Kessel was Chairwoman in the Board of 2010-2011. Currently, she is trainee European and International Affairs at the Province of Zuid-Holland.

"To me, the years you spend at university are meant for personal development. One way to do that is by acquiring knowledge in a classroom, another way is by making friends in bars during endless nights. I did these things, but I developed myself the most by being in the Board of Clio.

Writing useful and understandable policies, organising and being responsible for 15 events at a time, making decisions in a split second, representing the association at all kinds of gatherings, and work together with four other board members. And, of course, having the time of your life at all events, parties and trips.

It made me understand which role I take in a group, what I’m good at and which skills I still had to develop. A priceless gift in today’s job market, where every employer expects you to be able to self-reflect. Next to that, a Board year gives you a head start in working life. You have experience with a business-like environment and with working in a team, time-management and prioritising your tasks.

If these are the skills and experiences you want to take away from Groningen, I advise you strongly to apply for the Clio Board 2016-2017. Side note: during my Board year, I achieved 22 ECTS including my BA thesis." 

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