Interested in cooperating with Clio?

Some background information

Clio, founded in 1988, is the Study Association for all students of International Relations and International Organization (IRIO). This English-taught programme approaches issues in the field of International Relations from a historical, political, economic and legal perspective, with additional training in a modern foreign language. The Bachelor's degree in International Relations and International Organization is a quota study (numerus fixus), meaning that only a limited number of students are accepted. Clio also represents the students that do a Master's in IR. They can decide to explore different areas of International Relations or specialize in for example International Security or European Politics in a Global Perspective. With over 1000 members, Clio is the biggest study association of a Dutch Faculty of Arts and one of the biggest study associations in Groningen. 

What can Clio do for your company?

Clio offers various opportunities to promote your company to IRIO students, such as online advertisements on our website or Facebook or promotion during an event. These opportunities often include a small and negotiable fee. This money goes directly to Clio and its committees to make sure all kinds of events are organized for IRIO students. Please contact our Commissioner Corporate Relations Wyona van de Poel via if you want to cooperate with Clio. For more information, you can also check out the cooperation possibilities below!

Cooperation Possibilities

Exposure on Clio's website (1 year)

Advertising in Clio's newsletter

Every week a newsletter is sent to all Clio members. Unlike other organizations, the Clio newsletter is read a lot as it contains detailed information about the activities of the week in question. It is possible to place a big advertisement in this newsletter of 150-200 words including a logo, or a small advertisement of 3-4 sentences in the 'Flash News' section.

Advertising on Clio' social media

Direct mailing

A direct email sent to the complete Clio database (>1000 members). You can decide about the content of the email and the email will only contain information about your company. The length of the email is for you to decide, and can contain links, photos, and logos in addition to text.  

On-Site advertisement

You have the possibility to sponsor different events and promote your company on the spot. Your company will also be mentioned in the promotion of these events, which is done through the website, the newsletter, posters, and Clio's Facebook. Examples of events are the Clio Conference (150-180 participants), the Clio trip (40 participants), and the various Clio excursions (40-50 participants). 

Clio's publications

  • Yearbook
  • Clio's magazine: Checks & Balances
  • Welcome Guide (for first-year and (pre-)master students)

Goodie bag

During the IRIO introduction days, goodie-bags will be handed out in addition to the Welcome Guide. It is possible to put goodies/promotion material in this goodie bag, like a flyer. The goodie bags will be handed out to 260 first-year students and to (pre)master students.

Introduction camp

The introduction camp will take place in September 2023. Approximately 100 first-year students will participate. During this weekend there are several promotional possibilities, e.g. putting up a banner. 

Clio Career Platform

Merchandise Clio x your company

Clio offers the opportunity for your company to collaborate on merchandise, meaning that you can put your company's logo on a merchandise piece sold to Clio members. 

Promotional material

Do you want to start a cooperation with Clio based on visual advertisement, but do you lack the photoshop skills to create appealing and suitable promotional material for your company? Do not worry: the PR of the Clio Board is happy to create customized promotional material for you!

In case you have further questions or want to cooperate with Study Association Clio, please contact our Commissioner Corporate Relations Wyona van de Poel via

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