Ramos Spaans

Are you interested in working at a South American embassy, having an internship in South America, or do you just want to improve your Spanish in Groningen? Then Ramos Spaans is the perfect opportunity for you.

Hello! My name is Lucy Ramos. I fully prepare students for the South American working environment and culture, I also connect you with the people in charge of internships and embassies! I am an experienced lecturer (25 years) in the Spanish language, a tourist guide in South America, and a businesswoman who imports Peruvian hand made products. I help students to start well prepared for internship programmes, from students to graduates, to the young professional or curious travelers. You will travel well prepared to Spanish speaking countries.

I do this by offering tailored Spanish lessons, knowledge of countries and people and by teaching intercultural communication. I also give advice on how to discover the most breathtaking places in Latin America.

Do you want to have an international career and work in South America? Then I would like to help you master Spanish, my mother tongue, in a short period of time, both written and verbal.

  • Internship preparation and advice to Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina;
  • Ramos Spaans brings people into contact with other cultures, history and a few new wonders of the world;
  • Experience in blended learning: a combination of contact hours and e-learning;
  • Spanish state exam preparation (DELE);
  • A lot of personal attention;
  • Practical and dealing with cultural differences;
  • Speak Spanish from the 1st day;
  • Knowledge of the Spanish language in speech and writing at level B1 in three months;
  • Small groups (max. 6 students);
  • Flexible course times from 9.00 a.m. until 9.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday;
  • Knowledge transfer from the different cultures of Spanish speaking countries;
  • Reliable large network in both Spain and Latin America.

Broaden your horizons and sign up! info@ramosspaans.nl

For more information see:  www.ramosspaans.nl

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