Excursion (former Introduction)

The Excursion Committee organises three different events. It starts off with a fun day trip to The Hague, where institutions such as the Clingendael Institute of International Relations or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be visited to gain insight into the practical application of our studies.

In February, the committee will organise a three-day excursion to Brussels for about fifty participants. During this trip, we will arrange for the group to visit the European Parliament and various other institutions. And, of course, we will go out and explore the capital of Europe and its spectacular nightlives!

After this trip, the Excursion Committee will focus on their last activity: the Active Members Appreciation Weekend. This takes place in May and rounds off the year for all active members to come together and mingle with their own and other committees as well as for the Board to express their appreciation for all the hard work that has been put into another great Clio year!

Excursion Committee positions: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Location & Logistics (2x), PR, Commissioner of Acquisition and Board Representative.

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