Clio Support

The Clio Support Tab is maintained by the Support Committee and is constantly improved.

Clio Support is an information platform that covers administrative topics related to life in Groningen and which refers to professional assistance for those who seek support with mental health concerns. 

The following sites cover: 

  • The Practical and Dutch Support site, which decodes bureaucratic challenges you may face, including housing, banking, transport, medical care and insurance
  • The Mental Health Support site, on which we inform about the steps to be taken in order to get professional assistance and refer to external instances offering support regarding both study-related and non-study-related mental health issues
  • Information on the Clio Trust and Complaint Committee

We hope that Clio Support serves as a helpful source of information. If you have any questions on the topics or seek more specific support, you can send us an email at or DM us at @cliosupport on Instagram.

Disclaimer: The information published on these sites is externally gathered. More in-depth information can be found when following the links to the bodies that are in charge of the topics covered. The Support Committee does not bear any legal responsibility, as it functions only in an advisory manner.

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