Board 2022-2023

Sofie Raven (2020) Chair
Julia Bogdanow (2020) Secretary
Emma Hulsker (2020) Treasurer
Kimberly Volbeda (2021) Commissioner of PR & Publications
Casper van der Horst (2019) Commissioner of Corporate Relations

Chair: Sofie Raven

Hi everyone!

My name is Sofie and this year I will be the Chair of the Board of Study Association Clio. As Chair, I represent the association towards members, but also towards the university and teachers, but also other study associations. This means that I have a lot of meetings with different people, making my schedule hectic but super diverse! Additionally, I write the general policy of the association which details what the Board wants to achieve during the upcoming year. We want to expand cooperations with externals such as the university, professionals, and other associations. Besides that, we want to continue emphasizing student wellbeing and the close connections between Clio members. And last but definitely not least, I will be a part of the Career, Forum, Master and Lustrum Committee.

I will be very busy with Clio next year, but in my free time I like to hang out with my housemates and watch some Netflix. But I also love to read (huge Harry Potter nerd) and skiing is my absolute favourite activity (just unfortunate that I am from the Netherlands which is completely flat). For this year, I am super excited to be so involved with Clio and to meet so many new people!

Hey everyone!

My name is Julia and I am the 35th Secretary of this wonderful Study Association. I am beyond excited to experience this year, and to meet all of you at our events! As the Secretary, I am in charge of the Clio email account, so that most contact between you and Clio will take place via me. If you have any Clio related questions, doubts or concerns, you can always shoot me an email to Otherwise, you can also ask for a coffee break at MasMas or on the market or drop by the attic for some harmo coffee at any time. I am also responsible for the weekly newsletter and really hope that you enjoy it! Next to this, I am the Board Representative of the Academic, ClioWelcome and Excursion committees. I am always more than happy to help! Besides board life, I am learning some Dutch, enjoy time with my friends, draw, read and swim. I am really looking forward to meeting you and seeing you at our events!

Secretary: Julia Bogdanow

Treasurer: Emma Hulsker

Hi everyone!

My name is Emma and I’m this year’s treasurer, also known as the one in charge of all Clio’s finances. My main tasks are drafting budgets for Clio Committees, managing the day-to-day bookkeeping, and helping the treasurer functionaries of the Clio Committees. I like working with numbers, so I think we’ll do just fine this year :)

Outside of Clio, you can find me in the gym or drinking coffee at D.E. Café with my friends. So, feel free to shoot me a message to join an ACLO class or drink to some wine/coffee together!

Hey everyone!

I am this year’s Commissioner of PR and Publications, but you can just call me Kim ;) As a part of the 35th Clio Board, my position entails managing all of Clio's social media platforms, updating and organizing Clio's website along with developing promotional material & strategies for the association itself and the many different events it holds. I am also the Board Representative for Clio’s Magazine—Checks & Balances Committee, the Photo & Multimedia Committee and the Yearbook Committee as well as the contact person and supervisor of all PR functionaries of Clio's 16 committees. This means that I will do my very best in helping to guide and ease everyone’s creative struggles.

I started my Clio journey as the PR of the Career Committee and quickly realized how much I enjoyed being a part of Clio but also the creative freedom that comes with being PR. I don’t want to brag but I was also my mom’s PR so that should guarantee that I’m qualified.

When I’m not locked up in the attic (the Clio attic that is), you will probably catch me doing a few other things. I like playing football, I’m always down to go swimming at a lake as long as the weather doesn’t turn me to ice, I love horror films, and I have two dogs that I wish I could bring with me from Indonesia. But most importantly, I am so excited to meet and get to know all of you this Clio Year! If you have any questions at all you can dm me at @studyassociationclio on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

PR: Kimberly Volbeda

CCR: Casper van der Horst


My name is Casper van der Horst and I am the 35th Commissioner of Corporate Relations. It is my responsibly to keep in touch with Clio’s corporate partners and make sure the association gets services and funds from these partners. Next to that I am the Board Representative of the Sports, IRSP, and Conference committees.

Alongside my extraordinary exciting board life with the girls, I also have some fun things I do on the side. Like most students, I enjoy the Groninger night life (maybe a bit too much) and if you go out there is a big chance you will see me partying as well. Next to that I also enjoy playing water polo at GSZC De Walvisch, even though I am not that good at it. Additionally, I love debating, which I do every third Thursday of the month. If you are ever near the Paterswoldsemeer in the summer, feel free to also drop by Beachclub Kaap Hoorn! There will be a good chance that I will be working hard (or hardly working) to get you a drink. Lastly, I am very excited for the upcoming year and hope to see you around!

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