Board 2018-2019

Or Goldenberg (2016) Chairwoman
Janna Antonia Lise Beijers (2016) Secretary
Maxim Waal (2016) Treasurer
Gabriele Urbonaityte (2013) Commissioner PR & Publications
Sigrid Atsje Dijkstra (2016) Commissioner Corporate Relations

Hi! My name is Or Goldenberg and for the year 2018 – 2019, I am the Chairwoman of our association. As a Chairwoman, I am responsible for writing the general policy as well as for a big part of the internal and external representation of Clio. For me, the moment that I started studying in Groningen is also the moment that I became involved with Clio. In my first two study years, I have been the PR of the Forum committee and the chairwoman of the Conference committee. These committees invite high-profile speakers from all over the world and organise platforms where students can go to broaden the knowledge in their working fields and explore future career opportunities.

Next to my work for Clio, I like to occupy myself with all kinds of hobbies. This probably also defines me as a person, keeping myself busy with all sorts of things rather than focusing on one specific matter. Which is something that also defines being a chair. You are always busy with meetings, emails or brainstorming but when someone asks you what you are actually doing all day – it is kind of hard to pinpoint one specific thing. Besides visiting concerts, I enjoy drawing, dancing, exercising and so on and so forth.

Hopefully we will meet each other soon at an activity and otherwise feel free to drop by at the attic! In any case, feel free to approach me personally or via e-mail if you have any ideas, questions or if you just want to chat ( 


Hi! My name is Janna and this year I have the pleasure to take up the position of the Secretary in the Board of 2018-2019. Officially being a third-year student, I just finished my second year of IR and am taking courses in non-IR subjects next to my obligations in the Board. The most important part of these obligations to me is that you are open and welcoming to everyone. As the Secretary you are the first person that people approach with any complaints or concerns, as you are in charge of all the main conventional communication outlets Clio has. Moreover, it keeps me in the know of what is happening within the Association but also within the Board which results in an everchanging daily schedule. These two components are what makes the Secretary position so interesting to me. Next to this I also take place in the Academic, Introduction, ClioWelcome, and Language Café Committee.
Having approached not only many students but also mothers of Clio members this year, it made me realise even more what an interesting group of people this community consists of. For example, moms of people who are so present in class discussing world politics, tell me that they were very shy in primary school and the more introverted people I get to know when taking a picture for the Human of IR, suddenly come with the wildest quotes.

This year I got to know the diversity of this group even better; no longer just in the sense of nationality, political views, or aspirations, but the different personalities and interests. It is this, learning so many new things about people within and outside of Clio, that made doing a board year in Clio so great to me.


Hi! My name is Maxim Waal and I am the Treasurer of the 31st Clio Board. I am currently a third year IR student which means that I started studying in Groningen in 2016. During my first year I was introduced to Clio via the ClioWelcome period and have since had the opportunity to enjoy many different activities organized by Clio. I was not part of a committee in my first year but in my second year I decided to join the Travel Committee. A great committee year during which we organized a trip to Russia!

This year, as Board Representative, I am lucky enough to be part of the amazing Event-, Travel- and Galant Gala Committee. With all these committees I meet up at least once every week to organize a wide variety of different activities but also to just go out or have dinner together.

During the day my tasks include bookkeeping, overseeing the spending of the association and assist the committee treasurers were necessary.



My name is Gabre and I am the Commissioner PR&Publications this year. My tasks consist of creation of promotional materials, maintenance of the website and the social media of Clio, as well as supervision of my functionaries within the committees themselves. The beauty of the work of PR, as well as the board year, to me, is that it's never routine, always creative and you continue to learn and develop for as long as you do it. There's always cool new things to learn about the programmes you work with, a new challenge popping up every week, which, when completed, gives you a big feeling of pride. Same goes for the work of the committees that I am the board representative for. Those consist of Checks&Balances, the magazine of Clio, Photo and Multimedia committee and Yearbook committee. All three are creative, fascinating and imaginative. Working with people in those committees is pretty inspiring, because I, as a PR, get a lot of new ideas from the committee members themselves.

My work in Clio has been a rather long and winded one. I did not get into a committee in Clio for two years in a row, and I became a chairwoman of Photo as soon as I joined a different study. I then moved on to chair Yearbook and IRSP, eventually applying for the Board 18/19. I am currently balancing 2nd year of IRIO with my Board year.

During my free time I occupy myself with mildly annoying people, disappointing my parents with my life choices, singing and cooking. After I cook, I eat and then continue that by not working out. I'm also ridiculously passionate about seeing my friends and talking smack with them over a glass of wine. Hit me up for that hot T.


Hi, I am Sigrid Dijkstra and I am 19 years old. I am currently in my third year of IRIO, but this year I am the Commissioner of Corporate Relations of the 31stClio Board. I am responsible for upholding Clio’s external professional network, which means that I am in contact with many old and potential new partners. On top of that, I am the board representative in the Career Committee, the IRSP Committee, the Master Committee and the Dutch Support Group. I am also the Clio representative in the Mitrany Board, and I organize the annual VLC-party.

I joined Clio in my first year and immediately applied for a Committee.  Since then, I have been active as acquisitioner in the Travel Committee and Speakers Coordinator in the Conference Committee. I really like how Clio offers a platform to meet fellow students and organises so many different events that add to your studies or your student life in general.

Besides Clio, I am still active in the Faculty Council and I follow some courses. In my free time I like to meet up with friends, read books, drink wine or gin-tonics and talk about Friesland and farming. Still no idea what to talk about with me? Just join me in doing stupid dance movies at Clio parties, and I’ll like you anyways.

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