Where are you from? Which country has become a part of you? That’s exactly what the photo committee wants to know! Our annual photo exhibition is coming up and we need your help!

For this event we want to show case our fellow CLIO members and what makes them special. Send us a picture consisting of one main colour from the rainbow, in a country that is special to you, with a small text explaining why this picture in particular is meaningful. It can be from your camera roll, or go out and take a picture in our lovely Groningen 

Some example photos have been added to the Clio Instagram to give you some inspiration But this is all about you! So get creative and have some fun with your submissions. We will showcase everyones photos during the event, as well as have some additional activities during the exhibition.

The Photo Exhibition will be at Zondag, in the Noorderplantsoen on November 24th at 19.30-21.30. Hope to see you there! And don’t forget to submit your photos to photo.clio@gmail.com 

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