Become an active member of Clio by joining a committee of your choice. Clio has 13 committees with multiple open positions for you first-years, second-years, and older years to join! Being active in a committee allows you to develop your professional, social, and academic skills through networking and organizing events/activities which is incredibly useful during and after your studies!

Visit for our committee page with more information regarding the different committees. If you are interested in journalism, graphic design, and writing & publishing articles about IR-related topics, our magazine, made by the lovely Checks & Balances Committee might just be the right place for you! If you want to organize parties, plan one of the annual trips, or contribute to the career day or academic services provided by Clio, a committee is the perfect opportunity. If you are starting a master's, you are welcome in any committee but especially in the Masters Committee. There is something for everybody. 

As you can see Clio offers a large range of different things you can do, so don’t hesitate to apply for a committee through this google form

Remember applications will close on the 24th of September.

Below is a list of all Clio Committees with open positions:
(Find out more on the Committee page)

- Academic
- Career
- Checks & Balances 
- Event
- Excursion 
- Forum

- IRSP (International Research by Students Programme) 
- Photo & Multimedia
- Support
- Travel 
- Yearbook

- Masters

- Acquisition Group*

*In the Acquisition Group, you get to work with the Commissioner of Corporate Relations to both maintain and establish cooperation of Clio with different companies. You can be part of the Acquisition Group next to your position in a regular committee.

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