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ClioWelcome 2020
Date and time
Sep 17, 2020 16:00 - 18:30

Here at Clio we just love the Stadspark, so if you loved the games during Intro Camp or were not able to join, you don't want to miss this event! Spend an afternoon in the park getting to know your fellow students, Clio and the study programme a little better. This event gives you the chance to take part in a tips and tricks session that will help you get through your student life as well as many fun games, such as beer pong and ball games. Join us for an interactive quiz about Groningen and get to know a lot of your peers during a speed dating session. Above all, just having a lot of fun hanging out together. We are excited to see you there and spend a fun afternoon with you all!
Please bring a blanket/pillow/towel to sit on!


If you can't find us, just call +4915771337215!!

Please pay attention that, as with all the other events, you have to sign up for this event through our website, as we need the participant list for all events and we are dealing with a limited amount of participants as we need to be able to keep our distance.


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