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Career Committee 2018-2019
Dec 13, 2018

It is almost December again. The month of presents, Christmas, snow, fireworks and of course the annual Clio company visit! This year, we will travel to Amsterdam on the 13th of December, where we will visit a number of different companies. First, we will go to AFEW, an organization that is concerned with public health and battling the spread of HIV/aids. Secondly, we shall visit All Included, an NGO concerned with helping refugees and promoting open borders. We will end the day at Milieudefensie, who will tell us more about the judicial side of environmentalism as well as elaborating on their legal case against Shell. In between there will be plenty of time to marvel at the wondrous wintery streets of our nation’s capital! The participation fee is only €17, and you can sign up on the Clio website from the 4th of December 09:00 until the 7th of December. See you then!


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