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Sep 7, 2020, 1:55:00 PM
Sep 28, 2020, 12:00:00 AM

Want to be part of a fun group of IR students who organize Clio events? Interested in organizing parties, lectures, career or study-related events? Enjoy travelling and organizing trips? Like to get creative and design pages for a yearbook? Like to take photos? Love to write intriguing and relevant articles related to IR topics? You are a Masters student and would like to organize events for your fellow Masters students? All this and more is possible in our Clio Committees. Interested? Fill in this Google Form and we will contact you about setting up an interview! Feel free to sign up for more than one committee, you will have interviews for all committees you sign up for. The deadline is the 27th of September 23:59.

Tip: have any questions about the committees and want to talk to the chairs? Join us the 17th of September (after the Activities in the park) for a drink during the Committee Carousel in the Pakhuis from 19:00 - 22:00. Signing up for this event is mandatory as we are still dealing with max amounts of participants and are going to arrange this event in shifts. Click here to sign up for this event. 

In addition this year, we want to introduce something new to Clio: the Clio Music Group! The Music Group will exist out of two parts; one where Clio members can be trained to DJ at Clio parties, and another where Clio members can get together and make some music during jam sessions. This will not be an official Clio Committee, as it is more of a casual thing for people who are interested and not something you will need to undergo an interview for. As we are only just starting, we are asking to those of you interested to send an email to in which you explain whether you are more interested in the DJ or the jamming part, or both. When enough people are interested to actually start this, the group can communicate amongst themselves how often they will get together, etc. Any questions? Also feel free to send an email to the same email address or a quick message via our Instagram (@studyassociationclio) or to our personal Facebook account: Clio Board.

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