Hello there! As some of you might know, the Photo Committee organises a Photo Exhibition every year. Normally, this would take place in December, but due to the current measures this is sadly not possible. However, we still want to provide Clio with a great Photo event. Therefore we are proud to introduce to you: The Corona Diaries. Throughout the coming weeks, the Photo Committee will be taking portraits of Clio Members on their own or with their roommates either on their doorstep/waving from the window/standing in the street and any more corona proof options we can think of. The pictures will be posted on the website afterwards. The idea is that we all get to still see some of you, and that you can all receive some great photos! We will be providing several time slots that you can sign up for, so choose one when you know you can be home! You can find the time slots in the google form. We also want to stress that these portrait taking sessions will not be professional photoshoots, but just us having some fun at a distance while we take some pictures of you. We hope to see you soon :)

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