Dear Clio members, 

The Travel Announcement Party - infamously known as TAP - has once again arrived. The destination? We have yet to find out! This year, the Travel Committee will organize a week full of activities in Groningen - but there will still be a destination around which all activities are themed. Are you ready to hang out with some friends, play in an beer pong tournament with your team - while in a safe and online environment - and find out what the travel theme is this year? Then go ahead and join this amazing event! For this event you do not have to sign up on the website, but instead please fill out the following form:

Also, due to logistical considerations we ask every participant kindly to organize beer pong cups and beer pong balls on their own. The items required can be easily bought at Albert Hein or any bigger supermarket.

Furthermore, you are very welcome to join the event just for the announcement part and for some chatting & chilling with your fellow peers after the exams are finally over!

We would like to ask you guys to dress up in one of the following colours, in order to show us what your guesses are for the destinations. Each continent has been assigned a colour, so pick whichever colour belongs to what you think will be the theme and dress up using the colour! 

South America - orange

Africa - red

Europe - blue

Oceania - purple

Asia - green

North America – yellow

Get ready to get competitive and find out the travel theme, we hope to see you guys there!!

Click on the link to the Zoom meeting to join!



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