Clio is the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization at the University of Groningen

Clio has around 1000 members and is one of the largest study associations in Groningen and the largest study association at a Dutch Faculty of Arts. Clio organises numerous events including parties, workshops, excursions and offers services like high-quality summaries, the internship database and various discounts around Groningen.​

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The right for abortions in 2021

The right for abortions in 2021

As of November 2021, 64 countries have legalized or decriminalized abortion on request. In 2021, a few countries have moved forward in granting women more abortion rights however, there are also a lot of cases of progress being... Read more

Johnson’s Christmas Madness – Not the only UK news you should care about

Johnson’s Christmas Madness – Not the only UK...

Information has been leaked about a Christmas party at the UK’s Prime minister’s, residency at 10 Downing Street last Christmas, at a time when Britain was under lockdown and such gatherings were prohibited. Boris Johnson has been... Read more

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