About Clio

Clio is the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization at the University of Groningen. Clio has around 1100 members and is one of the largest study associations in Groningen, and the largest study association at a Dutch Faculty of Arts.

Clio organizes numerous events including parties, workshops, excursions and offers services like high-quality summaries, the internship database and various discounts around Groningen.

Become a member of Clio and receive:

  • Up to 20% discount on your study books 
  • a free Clio Card with which you can get discounts all around Groningen 
  • free copies of the Checks&Balances magazine 
  • access to summaries to help you study for your IRIO courses
  • access to the Internship Database and the Study Abroad Portal 
  • access to workshops and masterclasses on IRIO related topics
  • access to private events such as parties, lectures, travels, career days...


General Members Meeting: Handover
  • Other
  • Café de Keyzer
Forum Lecture
  • Academic
  • Senaatskamer
IRSP Drinks
  • Other
  • Café de Keyzer


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