Clio is the Study Association of International Relations & International Organization at the University of Groningen

Clio has around 1000 members and is one of the largest study associations in Groningen and the largest study association at a Dutch Faculty of Arts. Clio organises numerous events including parties, workshops, excursions and offers services like high-quality summaries, the internship database and various discounts around Groningen.​

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Open Schools with Empty Chairs: Uganda’s Lost Generation

Open Schools with Empty Chairs: Uganda’s Lost...

On Monday 10 January, Uganda’s schools reopened after almost two years, making it the longest school shutdown worldwide. But what looks like a silver lining, turns out to be quite tragic: Nearly a third of students have not... Read more

Capitol Storming – One Year Later

Capitol Storming – One Year Later

On 6 January 2022, the United States commemorated the one-year anniversary of the Capitol insurrection. In an emotional and moving speech, U.S President Joe Biden directly confronted Donald Trump and accused him of inciting a mob... Read more

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