Awareness Group

The first Awareness Group has organized the amazing Clothing Swap and will raise awareness for sustainable fashion until February. After this, it's time for the second Awareness Group to take over! 

Are you passionate about certain causes and do you feel like working with like-minded students to raise awareness for a topic? Then, the Awareness Group is the perfect fit for you!

To apply for the Awareness Group, send a anonymous motivation letter to with all the ideas you have to raise awareness and funds for different charities in 1 to 1.5 pages. You can think about awareness events, fundraising activities or in general anything the Awareness Group can do to contribute to society, just be creative! 

In this letter, please refrain from mentioning your name or past personal experiences, as we will handle all letters completly anonymously. The Clio PR will be the only one with access to the letters and names combined, and she will not partake in the decision-making process. This is to ensure that only the people with the best ideas will be part of the Awareness Group

The deadline for sending in your motivation letter is the 28th of February 23:59. Send it to




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