ClioWelcome is looking for Committee Members

ClioWelcome applications are open!

ClioWelcome is the committee that organizes the ClioWelcome period in the beginning of the academic year. This committee is in charge of making the start of the academic year as good as possible for the new freshman,  by organizing many kind of events. These events can range from the Freshmen dinner, to parties, to lectures. If you like to organize events and want to help the new Fresmen feel welcome in Groningen and in Clio? Then Sign up for this committee! You can find more information abou the committee here. The great part about this committee is that it will start in March and will be over in October, which means you can still apply for other committees the next acadamic year!

You can sign up by filling in this form, the ClioWelcome Chair will contact you, in the near future, to schedule a small interview with you. 

You can sign up until the 25th of February before midnight, if you have any questions about the applications, you can always send an email to 


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