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You want to get the Lustrum vibe, but you didn’t get a Passe-partout? No worries! For the Opening and Closing Party, the IR Simulation Game and the Stand-up Comedy, there are also separate tickets available!

Party Passe-partout (€3,50)
After an intense exam block you are finally done. You deserve some beers and a place where you can forget about your exam struggles. Then the Party Passe-partout is just for you. For €3,50 the doors for our Radioactive Aluminum Opening Party (15th of June) and the End of the World Closing Party (20th of June) will open for you. Behind these doors you cannot only show your best moves and also a free keg at both parties!

You can buy your Party Passe-partout here

Stand-up Comedy and World Cup Germany-Mexico (€5,-)

Sunday the 17th of June will be a relaxed yet exciting day. First at 15:00 Stranger Things Have Happened, the renowned international improv comedy group, will for sure put a smile on your face with a nice comedy event. During this event we will celebrate the international character of our association with a smile on our faces.  Afterwards we will watch the World Cup game Germany-Mexico together on the big screen to accommodate for all our football enthusiasts (or those that like a beer and good atmosphere).

Sign up at:

IR Simulation Game (€5,-)

We proudly present to you the IR Simulation Game, organized in cooperation with TEIMUN. You will be placed in one of the three councils on three different interesting topics (to be announced) in het Heerenhuis. Put your IR knowledge into practice, negotiate your way through the day, and pretend you are one of the big guys. This simulated international negotiation is the perfect opportunity to be a diplomat for a day and to represent a country and its political agenda. Coffee during the day is included.

Sign up at:

Keep in mind that if you bought a Passe Partout for the whole Lustrum, you don't have to buy these tickets if you want to participate in these events.



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