The Shortlist: Connect with Recruiters

Clio has a new Career Platform: the Shortlist that will help you transition from student to employee.

If you are looking for a job, internship or traineeship, our new career platform connects you with recruiters who can offer you the experience you’re looking for!

The platform also aims to help you with making the right choices when choosing which recruiters to connect with. By taking the available assessments, you are able to learn more about who you are, what you are motivated by, what you value in the workplace and what companies match your profile. You can also play serious games to train 101 key competences in a fun and interactive way.

Clio will establish partnerships with relevant companies interested in offering opportunities to our members. The more members we have, the more attractive we are to potential partners. So make sure you make an account (it only takes a 2 minutes) and use the resources made available to you.

To make an account, click here.

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