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Want to specialise for your international career by graduating from the best international law programmes in the Netherlands, or one of the best energy law programmes in the world?

If you are a bachelor’s student in International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen, then it is possible to do so, by continuing your studies in a Master of Laws (LLM) programme here at the RuG in the Faculty of Law.

The Admissions Board to the LLM programmes at the Faculty of Law reserves the right to decide on access to any programme, and so the admission of a candidate with a degree in a field which includes a relevant law element is considered.  A minor in law, or 30 ECTS obtained in prior law courses, is the very minimum in these cases.  If you are currently pursuing your bachelor's degree in International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen, you will already be taking 15 ECTS of law courses as part of your required curriculum. This means that you would only need an additional 15 ECTS in other law courses to apply to LLM programmes. And you can obtain these extra credits by taking extra law courses during your bachelor studies and/or by participating in any of our Pre-LLM programmes.

This means that you can specialise your international career interests further in:

·      Energy and Climate Law

·      European Economic Law

·      Global Criminal Law

·      International Business Law

·      International Commercial Law

·      International Human Rights Law

·      Public International Law

If you are interested to apply to one of our LLM programmes, please contact the Faculty of Law International Office at llm@rug.nl to inquire with a study advisor as to how you might become eligible to apply. They can advise you on which courses you could possibly take to satisfy the minimum requirements with regards to how many law credits you already have (or need).

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