Here you can find an interview that we conducted with Julius about his experience with this minor programme!



Which minor did you do?

Law, (Rechten) in Dutch.

What made you choose this minor?

After my minor abroad got cancelled, I needed to find something different. My favourite courses in IR were International and European law, and therefore I decided to do law.

What were the subjects you had in your minor?

Governmental law, criminal law, private law, IT law.

What was your hardest experience during the minor course?

I guess studying in Dutch again for the first time in three years… but other than that I guess criminal law.

What was the best experience during the minor course?

My best experience was actually finding a new interest in law, and thus deciding to study law in the next year for my masters as well

Did the course meet your expectations? Yes, why/ No, why not

It definitely met my expectations, the course was really well organised, and really well to do study wise

Which other minor did you consider?

A minor abroad, the career minor with an internship, but both of those were impossible due to covid.

Do you think that your minor will be useful for your future career? Yes, why / No, why not

Definitely! You learned a lot about law in general which is useful in nearly every career, and It inspired me to get my masters in law.

What would you say to future IRIO students who consider this minor?

If you have an interest in law, it is definitely a good tool to check if you would like to do your masters in a legal direction.

If your minor was in Dutch, how was it to study in Dutch again after years of studying in English?

Really weird, especially if you try to discuss matters that have something to do with International relations you would constantly want switch to English.

Ratings: Rate from 1 to 10

Was the minor doable? (1 very hard <-->10 very easy)

I would say 8, it is definitely not the easiest minor but for me it was less work than just following IR courses

Was the workload less/the same/or more than the IRIO programme? (1 much less workload <--> 10 a lot more workload)

2, Less, maybe also due to covid of course but I had plenty of time to focus on other this such as a commit or a board year

How much would you recommend doing this minor? (1 not at all <--> 10 100% yes)

10, if you have some interest in law

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