General Information:

"Queen’s University is a community, 170+ years of tradition, academic excellence, research, and beautiful waterfront campus made of limestone buildings and modern facilities. But more than anything Queen’s is people.

We are researchers, scholars, artists, professors and students with an ambitious spirit who want to develop ideas that can make a difference in the world. People who imagine together what the future could be and work together to realize it.

Queen’s is one of Canada’s oldest degree-granting institutions, and has influenced Canadian higher education since 1841 when it was established by Royal Charter of Queen Victoria.

Located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, it is a mid-sized university with several faculties, colleges and professional schools[...].

Queen’s balances excellence in undergraduate studies with well-established and innovative graduate programs, all within a dynamic learning environment.

Queen’s is a full-spectrum, research-intensive university that conducts leading-edge research in a variety of areas, including:

  • computational science and engineering
  • globalization studies
  • mental health
  • basic and clinical biomedical sciences
  • healthy environments and sustainable energy systems
  • social issues such as surveillance, poverty and bullying

The campus has a fully integrated network of six libraries and is home to several outstanding museums and arts facilities, including the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts."

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Admission: Canadian Studies

Required level in language English: B2/C1

Additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test): No.

Number of exchange places available: 6

Accomodation: information on university housing here


Gradings are given on a scale from 1 - 10.



Points of interest

(not so many <-> lots of museums etc.)

8Depends on what you’re looking for! Of course Canada has amazing nature, cool cities close by and lots to explore. Kingston does not have that many museums but lots of nice places to hang out, food to try out etc.


(only local food <-> great variety of restaurants)


Canadians have a very weird local dish which involves a whole lot of fat (it’s called Poutine if you’re interested)… Other than that you will find many different influences /kitchens in Kingston/ Canada. Sushi is a must.


(none <-> several natural parks/recreational parks)

 9Hello?! It’s Canada!


(limited <-> many options/extra courses)


There are SO many opportunities to do sports or to try out something new at Queen’s. There is a free gym, 4 floors, free for everybody where you can also do everything from squash to swimming. There are also many sports associations which you could join. They even have a quidditch team over there… Something for everybody! No possibility to come back fat.

Social Activities

(limited <-> many theatres/cinemas/pubs)

Same as for the sports associations, there are many social associations which you can join on campus. Other than that there is a busy internationals community and a special place on campus for internationals to hang out. The uni also organizes a free international lunch every two weeks. Really awesome!



Size of the University

(small <-> big)

8Not so sure what is big or small. Queen’s, as most other American/Canadian universities, enjoys a really active on-campus life. Everything from student housing to classes are arranged on or around campus. Maybe that will make it feel big but it is also just really nice.

Relationship students-professors

(informal <-> formal)
9Amazing! The University of Groningen could learn SO much of the student-professor relations at Queen’s. Maybe it is Canadian to be so open-hearted but students are stimulated to drop by with any question, there are also teacher-assistants willing to help out with anything really. One of my Development classes professors organized a big dinner for the class alongside the weekly potluck dinner we organized ourselves.

Language requirements

(English suffices <-> Official Language)
-Just make sure to know your English. No additional documents required.

The study programme

(easy <-> difficult/intense)
8This might be one of the harder aspects of choosing for Queen’s . Classes are definitely more intense than here at the University of Groningen with more midterms and paper deadlines. Again here, it depends on what you are looking for in your exchange. I personally really enjoyed taking classes which were more intense. The motto of most internationals was Work hard, play hard which pretty much sums up the experience. Another definite pro of Queens was that the classes were much smaller than here in Groningen and more interactive with students actively participating.


(few international students <-> many int. students)
8Big international community

Location of the University

(hard to reach <-> close by)
8As stated before, everything revolves around the campus. Student housing is located in the student-ghetto next to the Uni and you also get a free city pass to travel around with on public transit.




(expensive <-> cheap)
6Food is so expensive in Canada! Scratch that – healthy food is. Though with the grants received from the Uni you will be able to live it through without coming back broke – trust me.


(difficult to find & expensive <-> easy & affordable)
6Same goes for accommodation. Just try to find yourself a good deal. Though houses are much cleaner/bigger than student houses here in Groningen as they are actual houses with big living rooms, nice kitchens etc. 

Last Words

"Can I just make a final pitch? Queen’s is freaking amazeballs and you should definitely go there!"

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