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"Treat Yourself to America, in French"

Located in Canada, in the Province of Quebec, the Université de Sherbrooke is a French-speaking institution that offers you the opportunity to benefit from an academic education that is recognized and valued around the world.

The Université de Sherbrooke is host to more than 40,000 students, of which 9500 are registered at the University of the Third Age.

The Université de Sherbrooke has been welcoming international students ever since it was founded and each year the numbers increase. Currently, more than 1600 foreign students from 120 countries worldwide attend the Université de Sherbrooke. More than 85% of the students enrolled at the Université are from outside Sherbrooke.

There are 6975 employees at the Université de Sherbrooke, including 3400 professors, lecturers and the clinical professors at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

In Quebec, universities are the only source of higher education. The North-American system is not comprised of grandes écoles or private higher education institutions. North-American universities are considered prestigious establishments and students receive high quality training and recognized diplomas. They can be compared to the European institutes of higher education (grandes écoles) for the quality of education, while remaining affordable.

The Université de Sherbrooke is situated in the southern part of Quebec, 150 km from Montréal, 220 km from Québec City and some 40 km from the American border.."

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You can find an interview with a former exchnage student here!

Admission: Canadian Studies

Language of instruction:​​​​​​​ French

Number of exchange places available: 2

Additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test): No


  • Campus principal (Sherbrooke):The number of places on campus is limited. The applications are always processed first come, first serve. If you want to live on campus, you must wait for the Welcoming informations we will send you by e-mail at the end of May (Fall semester), beginning of November (Winter semester) or beginning of March (Summer semester).Do no t panic if the Résidences site displays full for the Fall session! Our office reserves some rooms for new international students. However, a room is not guaranteed.No room can not be booked without sending the $ 305 CAD deposit.
  • Off-Campus housing (Sherbrooke and Longueuil): If you want to live off-campus, it is possible to find an affordable place. However, you are responsible for researching and finding accommodations. In addition to the classified ad websites, the addresses below are good starting points: Uni-LogiEstudiantine

Visa: all information on immigration can be found here
How did you experience your semester abroad: Right now I’m halfway and I love the studentlife of living on a campus. The studying itself is quite easy, just a lot.  


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