General Information: Today, HKU has gained international recognition for its accomplishments as a research-led comprehensive university. In 2003, during the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), HKU medical researchers became the first in the world to identify the coronavirus that caused the SARS. In 2005, the Faculty of Medicine was renamed the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine. From 2010 to 2012, the University held Centenary Celebrations to mark its 100th anniversary. In 2012 – along with all the other institutions of higher learning in Hong Kong and in accordance with the government’s education policy – the University officially launches its 4-year undergraduate curriculum. HKU continues to attract the best local students, along with many Mainland China and international students. The University’s academics have outstanding achievements in teaching and research, and about half of HKU’s faculty are from overseas. In 2023, 90 scholars joined HKU's academic staff ranks by the start of the first semester. All ten faculties and their departments provide teaching and supervision for postgraduate-level research (MPhil and PhD) students, with administration undertaken by the Graduate School.

Admission: Faculty of Arts

Language Requirements: English B2/C1

Additonal Admission Requirements: none

Number of exchange places available: 3

Accomodation: Halls of HKU are known for their strong hall spirit. Members identify very strongly with their halls. Each hall has its own tradition, culture, and unique characteristic. Through developing the sense of belonging and commitment to halls, members will also develop similar sense of commitment to the society. Halls of residence vary considerably in size and character. Most of the rooms available are double rooms. There are very few single rooms available only. All rooms have air-conditioning. All halls have common rooms and recreational facilities as well as quiet places for study. Toilet and bathroom facilities are communal. All halls reserved certain amount of places for non-local students.

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Visa: All students without the right of abode/right to land in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) must apply for a HKSAR student visa for the purpose of education. It is the responsibility of individual students to make appropriate visa arrangement before they come to Hong Kong. All student visa applicants are required to have a local sponsor. Students coming to HKU for study should nominate the Admissions Office of Registry (AO) as your visa sponsor by completing the online visa application, and returning the full set of hardcopies to AO.

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