General Information: Students come to Waseda from all around the world to experience intellectual and cultural stimulation through interactions with their classmates and faculty members. In doing so, they acquire a wide range of knowledge and become highly specialized, thereby preparing them to go out into the world with high aspirations to make significant contributions. Waseda’s research activities are aimed at expanding and organizing the knowledge and wisdom of human society and contributing to the resolution of various global issues, such as environmental challenges, poverty, disasters, and conflicts. Furthermore, we aim to identify the following challenges that we face in achieving global sustainable development while maintaining intercultural coexistence, thereby contributing to world peace and human happiness.

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Admission: Faculty of Arts

Language Requirements: B2/C1 English

Number of exchange places available: 1

Accomodation: Residence Life Center (RLC) has a university dormitory option to offer exchange students who are studying at Waseda University. We have three dormitories for exchange students; Waseda University International Student House, Waseda Hoshien, and Nishi-Waseda International Student House. All of those dormitories are located within a walking distance from Waseda Campus, Toyama Campus, and Nishi-Waseda Campus.

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Visa: In order to apply for a "Student" status of residence, you will need to apply for a "Certificate of Eligibility" (COE). For international students who do not reside in Japan, Waseda University will apply for the COE on behalf of the student. (only when the student is applying for a "Student" status).

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