General Information:

"Office of International Affairs (OIA), as SNU's headquarter for developing and promoting its international programs and initiatives, welcomes all students and scholars to SNU's vibrant intellectual community.

The OIA’s vision is to enhance openness and diversity in Seoul National University by promoting international inter-university partnerships, academic exchanges, and building a truly and uniquely international 'SNU community'. The OIA provides both planning and administrative supports for international partnerships, exchange programs, and international SNU community building."

Find more information on their website or their exchange portal

Admission: Multi-Faculty-Exchange - Faculty of Arts, also Faculty of Arts Exchange!

Language Requirements: TOEFL score: IBT 88 / IELTS 6.0/ TEPS 560 or above

Fluent level of either English or Korean language proficiency is highly recommended, but no certification is required.

Number of exchange places available: 4 (of which 2 for East Asian Studies)

Additonal Admission Requirements: GPA should be over 2.5 out of 4.0.

Accomodation: Student Housing is provided.

Visa: You must apply at a Korean Embassy or Consulate in your home country to apply for your visa. Although it is possible to apply for a D-2-6 visa outside of your home country, or to change from a tourist visa to a student visa in some cases, this requires more paperwork and is more complicated than doing it at home. Therefore, we strongly advise applying for your student visa as soon as possible in your home country so that you can travel later if you need to. Since the pre-arrival visa is only valid for 3 months, please apply for it starting from June (Fall Semester start) or December (Spring Semester start), even if you get the documents earlier. If you do not have a D-2-6 by the first official day of the semester (usually September 1 or March 2), the Seoul Immigration Office will fine you 200,000 KRW. 

Term: The first semester begins late September and goes till Decemberr. On the other hand, the second semester begins March and ends in June.

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