General Information:

"Osaka University is one of 86 national universities in Japan. The University established itself as a national university in 1931 under the title of Osaka Imperial University. Though started relatively late, it inherits the progressive and liberal tradition of Osaka, which had been the center of economy of the country for many centuries. Kaitokudo, Tekijuku and other academic institutions founded during the Edo Era thus grew up together into the University.

The number of teaching staff is approximately 3,000. The university employs an additional about 5,900 people, for a total of around 8,900 staff members. There are about 24,000 students (16,000 undergraduate and 8,000 graduate students). There are 1,608 overseas students, as of May 1, 2010."

Find more information on the university's website. You should also check out the factsheet the RUG created.

Admission: Multi-Faculty-Exchange - Faculty of Arts

Available for: MA East Asian Studies and ReMa IRIO (Modern History and International Relations track)

Language Requirements: Toefl score 580 / CBT 230 / IBT 92 / IELTS score 6,5 / Cambridge Advanced (CAE) (Not valid if achieved before 01/12/2018) / English Language test (University Language Centre) score: C2 or C1, only one score C1/B2 or B2 is allowed; score B1 is not allowed

Number of exchange places available: 2

Additonal Admission Requirements: none

Accomodation: Apply for university accommodation via online application before enrolment (on- or off-campus). Due to the capacity limit for exchange students, some students may not be assigned to one of university accommodation. In the event that university accommodation is not available, the university will assist in finding a private accommodation. (Can be dormitory, apartment or shared flat with single room or shared flat)

More information on accommodation services here

Monthly living expenses: Students are strongly advised to have at least c.100,000 JPY (~800 Euro) per month at their disposal.

Visa: Non-Japanese students must obtain student visa at a Japan consulate on their own responsibility. Osaka University Support Office makes a proxy application for a Certificate of Eligibility (CESR, an immigration certification) for students who need a visa after admission offer.

School calendar:

  • 1st semester (spring/summer): April 1. ~ September 30 (classes are held: early April ~ mid-August) Students arrive in Japan late March ~ early April
  • 2nd semester (autumn/winter): October 1 ~ March 31 (classes are held: October 1 ~ mid-February) Students arrive in Japan in mid-September

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