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Universitas Gadjah Mada (internationally known as Gadjah Mada University ; Abbreviation : UGM) is an Indonesian public ivy league research university located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, founded on December 19, 1949. UGM is the oldest and largest institution of higher learning in Indonesia. Located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the 360 acre university comprises of 18 faculties, 68 undergraduate study programs,  23 diploma study programs, 104 master and spesialist study program, and 43 Doctorate  study programs. 

It has approximately 55,000 students, 1,187 foreign students and 2,500 faculty members currently. Universitas Gadjah Mada has been considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia.

UGM is implementing an educopolis area, a step taken by universities in creating conducive environment for the continuity of the learning process. These efforts are pursued in the context of developing multidisciplinary collaborations and responding to ecological issues in order to achieve the vision of the university.  Some of the steps are reducing pollution and vehicle exhaust emissions, development of pedestrian, restriction of vehicles entering the campus, construction of new dormitories on the campus, development of parking pockets, planting the trees green and many more.

Find out more on the university's website and also here and here on the Clio Website. We conducted two interviews with fellow IRIO students who also spent their exchange there.

Admission: Faculty of Arts

Number of exchange places available: 6 (Faculty of Social Science and Political Science) 2 (Faculty of Cultural Science)

Language requirements: B2/C1, please check university for specific requirements

Additional requirements (such as the TOEFL test): No


Preserving the best environment to achieve the best academic achievement, Universitas Gadjah Mada also provides accommodation with full facilities for students enrolled as well as guest lecturers from other universities in the purpose of scientific, artistic and cultural exchanges, training, faculty guests, study programs, institutions, and study centers that are directly or indirectly related to the university.

Therefore, UGM offers 5 (five) dormitory units (Darmaputera Baciro, Darmaputera Karanggayam, Ratnaningsih Bulaksumur, Ratnaningsih Kinanti, and Ratnaningsih Sagan) that can accommodate more than 1500 people for permanent housing and 5 (five) temporary units of accommodation for those who haven’t found their permanent housing yet, consist of 2 (two) units of homestays, Wisma MM UGM, University Club Hotel and Wisma Kagama UGM.


All information about visa can be found here!


  • World University Ranking 2021: 1001th+
  • More infromation about the ranking can be found here

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