General Information:

"The University of São Paulo (USP) is a public university, maintained by the State of São Paulo and affiliated with the State Secretariat of Economic, Scientific and Technological Development. Various world rankings, created to measure the quality of universities according to various criteria, particularly those related to scientific productivity, have widely recognized the talent and dedication of USP professors, students and employees." 

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Admission: Multi-Faculty-Exchange - Faculty of Arts

Language Requirements: Portuguese Language test (University Language Centre) score: B2 or B1 (all courses are taught in Portuguese)

Additonal Admission Requirements: none


USP does not provide housing facilities for exchange students within the campuses. The search for accommodation must be carried out by the students themselves according to their economic conditions and interests. USP strongly recommends that students take part in the USP iFriends program in order to get more information about accommodation. Applicants may opt to take part in the buddy program when filling out the online application form.

For further information regarding alternative housing options outside the campuses, please contact the Local International Office of your host school.


If accepted for an exchange period at Universidade de São Paulo, the student will receive an Acceptance Letter directly from the relevant Faculty/School/Institute. Providing the original document at the Brazilian diplomatic representation in their home country is a mandatory step for students to request the appropriate Student Visa (VITEM IV). USP is not allowed to enroll students holding a tourist visa!

The student will also have to provide evidence of medical insurance or appropriate and valid travel medical insurance policy for registration upon arrival. Students must purchase their Health/Travel Insurance in their countries of origin before travelling to Brazil (this must cover the entirety of the stay in Brazil). International students will have access to the Brazilian Public Health System only in emergency cases.

Grading System used in University:

Grades may range from zero to ten, and these numbers may be rounded to the nearest tenth. In order to pass a course, students must fulfill two conditions: minimum score of 5.0 (five) and minimum course attendance of 70%. 

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