Internship in George C. Marshall European Centre for security studies

.Please ask for approval from your teacher/ lecturer before considering to do an internship!

Expiration date: No deadline 

Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

The mission of the Marshall Center, as a vital instrument of German-American cooperation, is to create a more stable security environment by advancing democratic institutions and relationships; promoting active, peaceful, whole-of-government approaches to address transnational and regional security challenges; and creating and enhancing enduring partnerships worldwide.

The Marshall Center conducts a variety of unique programs involving to date officials from more than 152 countries. All programs are taught in English. Our Seminar on Regional Security and European Security Seminar-East is presented in English and Russian simultaneous interpretation.

This unique German-American partnership supports U.S. and German national security strategies and security cooperation guidance. The Marshall Center focuses on the most important issues confronting the region, including:

Areas of strategic and interest

  • Terrorism, including waging the "Battle of Ideas" to delegitimize terrorism and support for terrorism
  • Internal instability jeopardizing the territorial integrity of nation states, as well as regional stability and peace
  • Regional and local crises that could turn into transnational threats and/or spur transnational terrorism
  • Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and attempts to prevent it (missile defense; arms control regimes)
  • Security implications of the information revolution, revolution in military affairs, and interoperability
  • Missile defense
  • New role of NATO
  • Implications and applicability of the revolution in military affairs, information revolution, and interoperability
  • Peace and stabilization operations, crisis management for humanitarian and emergency situations
  • Dialog between "Western nations" and Islam
  • Role of European Union (EU) after enlargement
  • Relationship between EU and NATO

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